Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gripping The First Post With The Claws

Welcome to the storyteller's circle, my name is Lucas . Through this blog I will be showcasing monsters and such as seen through my mind's eye. They are just drawn on paper and not set in stone, I love feedback on anything I do. Talemix is a roleplaying system that I am developing to be a multi-genre game, even though I am beginning with the fantasy setting.

To the right there will be a stream of my photobucket album dedicated to the project, though I will occasionally link to my deviantart account

Introduction over, tonight's subject was easy to get a grip on. Tonight is all about claws.

In Talemix creating creatures is in only a few cases a matter of copy and paste, however some things are so universal that they don't have to change for every single creature or race that has them. Claws are one of those things. In doing some illustration of animals, I have identified three major types of claws.

The Utility Claw: For most animals this type of specialized finger and toe nail modification has a specific use. They can be formed for digging, climbing, and getting places pudgy digits can't reach. While some of the claws in this category look like they would be in another, the creatures that use them are too slow to make them actually damaging, like the sloth and the anteater.

For the game purposes these will however grant a bonus to damage, but not as much as either of the other tiers. At the time of this writing, the way damage is done, the utility claw at normal size grants a single bonus die to the roll, and a higher skill bonus to the claw's utility. In general the utility skill bonus for these type claws will be a 10.

The Hunter Claw: This is the nice predatory claw that cats, bears, and raptor birds have in common. They are big, sharp, and lethal, yet they also still serve some of the functions of a utility claw as well. For example a bear uses it's six inch claws to break into logs and stumps, but still delivers a nice lethal smack.

As these claws are for damage as much as utility they will grant a 5 in a skill but two dice to damage.

The Reaper Claw: This bad boy is designed only for death, some exceptions can apply though. In most creatures with a reaper it is kept away from the ground in movement, or otherwise stored in a place that it won't get damaged. These claws are the ones like you would see on a velociraptor while watching Jurassic Park, or on a cassowary. Another creature the Therozinosaurus has three foot long reaper claws, generally used for digging in termite mounds, but deadly enough to lop an adventurer in to four adventurers.

Since these claws are generally only killing machines, they grant three bonus dice to damage.

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